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VFM platform Leonard chose SLH manage and distribute images of over 500 hotels-hotel

VFM platform Leonard chose SLH manage and distribute images of over 500 hotels, whose name is also the exclusive provider of rich media distribution services for a hotel SLH.-hotel

VFM Leonardo, the leader in online distribution of visual content for hotels, today announced that Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) VScape adopted (R) digital asset management system. SLH, a brand more than 500 hotels in over 70 countries, the Enterprise version VScape used to manage photos for distribution to hotels and VNetwork (TM), formats and delivery methods are needed.
VNetwork is the largest distribution network of Internet content to the Visual travel industry and includes all four GDS and Pegasus and thousands of third-party sites and channels, including Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, TripAdvisor, and, as such, Images Hotel SLH reach as many sites related to travel buyers, in light of a single hotel with a site on a site that offers affordable prices.
"SLH visual and an important part of customer experience, allowing users to see what makes this hotel unique, based on experience of luxury that offer more than this book. VFM Leonardo will help us make our hotels offer images are still available and updated using the Web sites of clients in the choice of hotel, "said Paul Kerr, CEO of Small Luxury Hotels of the world.
SLH also selected and approved by VFM Leonardo, the exclusive provider of rich media to their property. Various properties of SLH to solve their presence on the travel sites to distribute their photos and multimedia display multimedia VNetwork VFM Leonard VBrochure online merchandising system that is fully integrated into the West VScape strengthened.
"We call on the hotels on the video and virtual tours of goods, using their best online hotel discount. VFM Leonard VBrochure on-line merchandising system allows us to distinguish between customers and travel to the hotel with a stimulating effect visual, "says Kerr. "We are pleased to SLH contributed to improving the online visual representation of the hotel. In the era of digital technology, but consumers do their shopping at several places in the hotels that stand out, and report on a stimulating experience. We believe that greater exposure to online content SLH VR at home and lead to more revenue can be used, "said Paolo Boni, President & CEO, VFM Leonardo.
About Small Luxury Hotels of the World
Small Luxury Hotels of the World (TM) (SLH) brand is a unique portfolio of some of the best in the world of small, independent hotels. With more than 500 hotels in over 70 countries, the diversity of individual hotels, and the experience they offer is exceptional. From the modern design hotel for the houses, the palaces of the 17th century, the temples of the city of islands, historic home in the idyllic resort offers a Small Luxury Hotels of the world for the better. Reservations can be made at any Small Luxury Hotels of the World in property Travel agents need only luxury GDS code LX.

About VFM Leonardo
VFM Leonardo is the leader in content management and Internet transmission of audio-visual aids. VScape VFM Leonardo da Vinci (R) and VBrochure (TM), uses the distribution possibilities VNetwork (TM), generally accepted as the largest network of online distribution of visual content for the global travel industry, including all four Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and Pegasus-travel-related channels, including online travel agencies, research and websites of travel suppliers, search portals and travel agencies more important. VFM Leonardo Hotel offers systems industry more efficient management of digital resources and merchandise are now available online and provides more efficient 1000000 (photos photos, virtual tours and videos) are more than 30,000 channels of travel websites including which VNetwork Amadeus Galileo, Saber, Worldspan, Pegasus, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, TripAdvisor, Yahoo! Travel, kayak, Google and more than 90,000 hotels around the world. Visit for more information on Leonardo VFM . Follow us on Twitter at / VFMLeonardo.

Hotel room will be found a place that offers accommodation-hotel

Hotel room will be found a place that offers accommodation for a short period has created. The reservations range in price depending on the services offered. Some of the hotels in particular the most important additional structures such as swimmi pools, indoor games, gym, etc. These offers good restaurants and conference rooms, because they are large. Services in the houses smaller, less accessible and less expensive are the services such as telephone, air conditioning and Internet connection. Furthermore, a wide range of food, beverages and snacks are served to guests.

Hotels in cities are more expensive because they are implemented. The reservation is also a factor for consideration, because at certain times of the year in which the questions are usually very high, for example, at Christmas, many people prefer to spend their vacation in these places. It is also a time when tourists visit different parts of the world. They are also the days when food and other raw materials than any other time of year more expensive. Number of people boarding should be noted, moreover, like most people, the lower the price, and vice versa. This is a good choice for comfort at home within their capabilities.

Some rooms are known for certain types of foods, so that customers receive an easy task to know what they expect will be addressed during their stay. For example, some rooms is known that the food they serve only African-known, while others are Chinese or Indian cuisine. Good to know, prices and services offered at the hostel, in particular, the drawbacks to be avoided. We must also consider the style and culture, so that the choice should not be difficult the situation. Catering and hospitality during the reservation will be offered, must be examined to meet your consolation. In accommodation, security must be tight, and respond to occupant comfort. Book offer additional services, the best, and not move from one place to another, saving time and energy. These additional services can be a cyber-cafe ©, car wash, banks and much more. Compare prices at these restaurants, it helps to plan ahead..

paradise hotel las vegas and Mandalay Bay Hotel

paradise hotel las vegas and Mandalay Bay Hotel

The main attraction of Las Vegas casinos and hotels. Known, the largest hotel casino located on Las Vegas Boulevard for the portion of the road, as the Las Vegas Strip. These large casino outside the city. Many of these hotels are large and offer thousands of rooms, with their large areas near the casino. There are many hotel-casinos in the city, stuck in the middle of the video game market in the city is in its infancy. Several large hotels and casinos, even from the Gaza Strip and the surrounding cities. Since 2009, the total number of hotel rooms in Las Vegas was more than 140,000. 

If you relax and enjoy the best of Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas wants a final decision. One of the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas that its customers a wide range of products to choose, SPA, gym, bar, large swimming pool. However, this is just some of the attractions of the name. In cities around the structure of the monorail, which offers its visitors easy introduction to each group. Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegasthat when it is received, and the prices of these goods.

Managed as an outstanding architectural elegance and beautiful, beautiful landscapes, and of course it is. Every inch of Paradise Hotel Mandalay Bay screams elegance and Polynesia is another feature that shows. Chic Outdoor dominate more art and sculpture enchanted hotel in Las Vegas. Amenities include air conditioning, cable television, radio, hairdryer and much more. He offers a laundry service, clean house, and currency exchange.

Rooms in this hotel in Las Vegas offers up to date, and also contributes to the GTA. So if the money, and it is expected a lot, you know where the money is available. Mandalay Bay Hotel offers its customers a mixed bag. In stores such as Pearl of the Moon, warehouse, hope, etc. Each object can BluesWe speaks of luxury.

House of Blues, perhaps the most advanced in the complex attributes. Book of musical legends and gives you rock, jazz, blues, rap, and all other types of music during their stay. Even if you are fascinated by the animals on the sea, you can visit the reef, which started more than a hundred species of marine animals!

Mandalay Bay has more than 3,000 rooms in Las Vegas, and offer comfort for the sake of the guests is completely decorated with lots of plants and landscapes. It must ensure security 24 hours for your guests during your stay carefree and other devices with more than 10 restaurants, free parking and room service.

Outpost Hotel Casino shows in Western Europe in more prosperous regions. More than 100 gaming tables, where the total amount of poker, blackjack. For those video games and slot machines, more than two miles from these facilities, the love of these people are available.

Entertainment at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas in the form of musical theater and rock concerts, where people from New York, Los Angeles and Paris just to talk to the masses. Musicians such as Bob Dylan and the musical Chicago, has visited this hotel in Las Vegas and has options for more than 12 thousand people at the cinema.

In fact, the hotel offers a world of water of about 11 acres, with beach, river, bungalows and a swimming pool, a gym and a song full of luxury hotels, pubs and clubs were well prepared. These services for customers, if you will, and this is what he did in Las Vegas.

Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, the best conference and banquet hall with a final reminder of the best teams, staff, food and service. If services someoneAdditional, you can always ask them to reality.

Mandalay Bay is the provision of space, kings and queens, heads of government is proud of the whole world. It has its advantages, you will find the best and biggest names in the world, from the richest to the classics, too. Mandalay Bay Hotel offers luxury and elegance in their way, and welcomes people from all over the world and offers various packages for the world eachand.

For all those who are a luxury and are willing to pay for the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas the perfect choice for you!

Where can I find a good motel?-hotel

Where can I find a good motel?-hotel
Took the intrepid traveler four nights in three countries, to a motel room was decent. E 'was difficult, we have considered many reasons, but we attacked it, and finally did.

We had booked our first night, and the last in Costa Rica on the Internet. It was a mistake. The room was small, the bed almost filled the room and bathroom, large enough for access to sites, suitcases, toiletries and clothing, in turn, stops there. The only thing was the man behind the counter and WiFi. We thought in a different place last night, even though we paid, but must at the airport at 4:30, we decided against it. Why pay again for the night and sleep half the AOS?

After a slow trip to Los Angeles, we found our car and checked the Travelodge near the airport. You can say, ALO, a book by its cover. Motel has seen better days, and it was many decades ago.

We started the morning in Encinitas (north coast of San Diego County), where dinner with my friends Rod and Jill. Since Saturday was light, and we arrived early, to give us time to change car oil, AOS, shops, bank and go around Solana Beach, where I live. Ah, memories.

Lunch on the stick and Jill, AOS bridge that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, a walk in Torrey Pines State Park, and after visiting the restaurant. Torrey Pines is a scenic peninsula overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and one of two houses (5000 rare trees on all Torrey Pines). I went a couple of times, it was nice to follow the old, visiting his way to the beach and panoramic views.
That night we stayed at the Best Western eight miles north of the border. Check just before we were a couple that pulls them all in suits and ties (one in the informal sector of San Diego), who had his hands caressing her buttocks. They clearly intend a short stay, but tense. It turns out that we have a motel that has seen better days gone by. So much for a TV contest Best Western.

Tomorrow morning (Sunday), we went over the border in Tijuana. We thought it would be a good time to go through TJ, that were not caught in a hail of bullets between rival drug gangs, or even at some point someone to collect money from the insurance companies.

After passing through the border has not explained, Lane, The Don, ALO believe that even came to a complete stop, we followed the signs to Ensenada. Unfortunately, the building was, and I knew we were going in the wrong direction, that we sign the trip. The streets were quiet on Sunday morning, TJ. There was hardly a car or a person to be seen. Drug smugglers have a bad night for him and we slept in had a Staples and Home Depot a couple of times, and finally found a few people ask for help.

Travel south was spectacular. Limited access highways to four lanes along the coast, not to mention the feast of the Pacific Ensenada and retirement property for those who come north of the border between them.

Roads south of Ensenada, a narrow strip parallel to the coast inland. It winds through the mountains and on the floor of the desert. A well-prepared, in my experience of Costa Rica, I have no trouble navigating the sharp turn in Mexico.

View was spectacular. Cactus in abundance. There were a few companies, large and well built. In some plants were in plastic, which we later learned there was water, which is taken into underground aquifers and desalination is always covered. People treated grapes and cactus (cactus). For some reason, many cacti, see the lines are in the company, can not be calculated.

The road passes through a series of small dusty villages. The last of these towns before the road turns away in El Rosario, the population of 3500 m. Here the true Baja is about to begin. This is true even when the gas to fill the next station, 362 km (255 miles). On the road. Near the Pacific coast, you can stay here, searching, or fish.

We moved early in the day Baja Cactus Motel charged $ 39, about half of that in the past three nights, we found ourselves in a large room ( "the guide describes as luxurious rooms) with a strong theme in Mexico and an number (with comfortable beds, a bathroom, as well as Central and WiFi). It took four days and three countries, but in the end we found only a decent life, but also large numbers of motels. and the price was least difficult to beat, and we had a low paid or payable for the week.

One final note: In the Lower Cactus Motel is one of Bach, the most popular restaurants in AOS, Mama Espinosa, administrative and operational. E 'watering hole in the early days of road racing Baja. Autographs (Steve McQueen, Earl Garner, Parnelli Jones (you're supposed to make the race of the Indy 500 in 1970)) on the walls and ceiling. This is the only decent place in town to eat. Here we had a late lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day before continuing our journey south.

Design cool, free stuff, cheaper - cheap B & B hotel for the night with comfort-hotel

Design cool, free stuff, cheaper - cheap B & B hotel for the night with comfort-hotelFair cheap hotels, cheap hotels near airport hotels in the city, conveniently located on the attractions and places - wherever you travel to Germany, one of our B & B Hotels are guaranteed in the vicinity. B & B Hotel is the third largest French chain of economy is currently more than 200 homes in Germany and France. Location, excellent B & B hotel business travelers, families and tourists, flexible accommodation, with a little 'planning under current circumstances, because you can arrive at any time. Some houses have a consistent front desk, other controls in the opening times convenient than an ATM. Our family budget friendly hotel without luxury, but not in service and design. Each B & B Hotel is individually decorated and has its own unique and colorful.
We draw attention to a reasonable value for money with maximum comfort. The windows of the B & B Hotel soundproofed, modern, air-conditioners keep the temperature in the room to a comfortable level. Do you have a phone in the room, and you have wireless Internet and Sky TV for free. Almost all B & B Hotels free parking. Pets are welcome and generous breakfast provides a good start to the day. Choose one room, double and family rooms for smokers and non smokers! All B & B Hotel and free access in some rooms and conference rooms are available.
In addition to the B & B Hotel in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Monaco Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, Oberhausen, or you can also find many opportunities for low-cost housing in the street sites relevant, for example in areas such as Rhynern in A2, in the Hallertau to A9, A7 Göttingen or in Aachen-Würselen. Benefit from the proximity to the motorway, airport or city center and you can easily add steps on vacation or business trip. Sure that the benefits of our B & B Hotel!

Cruises cheap: A good way to spend your holidays-hotel

Cruises cheap: A good way to spend your holidays-hotel

Cruises are one of the most popular in the world. Generally, trip takes three days to three months. Cruise range from costly to the economy.

But there are things like cruises cheap? Answer: yes. Cruise offer their customers a selection that meets their budget. The cruising altitude is usually available to cover accommodation, meals and all day and evening shows.

Although cruise cheap does not mean poor service or accommodation, most cruise lines continue to believe that their customers the same to make sure that every customer has the option of using offshore facilities and equipment.

What other things cruise at low prices?

As a general rule, which had aimed cruises flights to the following list.

• Flights, transfers from the sea air and air
• Cruise
• All your entertainment on board
• meals as breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price
• tea and light snacks are also available at midnight
• The room service is also available on most cruises
• Gym, sauna, spa, pools and other forms of entertainment

What things are you doing during the trip?

They must make their purchases both at sea and land. Hair and Beauty are also available. Also, if you go on excursions to offer cruise lines, each of its customers.

Discount cruises are also available with hydraulic stabilizers that the movement of ships due to bad weather is set to reduce it. Thus, to avoid fainting, vomiting, comfort even in rough seas.

Some travel is often subjected to a slight movement in some places, where it circulates. However, it is very rare for a cruise to cause problems, except dessert. All these things are normal when you go on a cruise.

Of course, if it is a holiday, tips and recommendations should be included.
Here are some tips if you're on the cruise.
1. Cruises cheap different cruise like any other, largely on the size and structure. This is a cruise ship, 100 passengers on a small amount of water on cruise ships that can accommodate 2500 passengers, to meet the ocean or on long journeys.

2. After completing this course, you pay a cheap cruise, you can choose a room, could be a car with an interior light of the ordinary or outside cabins with large windows and balcony.

3. You must decide which sails cruise where you want to go. You can choose a cheap cruise, which sails the Caribbean year-round, higher than the existing one. Otherwise, you can choose a cheap cruise in Alaska during the summer.

4. You can spend the night in a travel bag on the beach. Collect your luggage, usually the day before the ship sails from port. This means that if you still want to try the sea at night, you should bring clothes and other necessities.
5. If you are a cruise, which travels around the country, it is desirable that you must bring your passport for identification.

6. Cruises during the day, informal, but there are cases where night that I'm wearing clothes or wear the formal dress for the rent in addition to force.

7. On board entertainment are included in the cruise deal, but the field guides and other events may incur additional charges.

8. Get travel insurance. Cruise Discounts will not be liable for any loss or damage effects.

9. There are cruises cheap that you look around the ship before the tour book will be. Used to determine the quality of the journey.

Follow these tips, you can have a nice holiday, enjoy meeting your expectations. However, you must understand that a cruise cheap, like any holiday, should give you maximum relaxation and comfort. Moreover, the trip should be a form of entertainment, not a source of stress.

Know the beautiful world through luxury cruises-hotel

Know the beautiful world through luxury cruises-hotel

It's easy just to give you a break after almost every day of your life at work. You do not have to work all their lives, we obviously need to take a break.

Give yourself a break you can relax, the relationship with her family, exercise, rest, travel, a holy city and much more.

However, it is a journey worth remembering, of course, you're tired of work you just need time to relax.
In many types of free time, can be difficult to decide what you want. You should consider the inclusion of their loved ones because of this trip.

It could be your wife and your special family. There is no need to worry about the holiday, if you're reading this article, you'll have an idea where to spend your holidays. Read on and learn more about the cruise.

Travel on cruise lines, this kind of trip where I need to go on the ship and visit different places, depending on the cruise ship route you choose. It recalls the trip in one day for several days. It may be in the world.

Cruise Travel is fun, especially when it comes to board the cruise ship and all the amenities you want. Usually falls over long distances especially to the ocean, which is expensive. Cruise luxury cruise expensive.

Cruise travel, you want a year or more. It may take more than three to ten years. There are many people from school or even go to work in a school or office to discover the joy of the journey of a year or more. This shows that Cruise is a fascinating journey into another life.
You can get on a boat and visit the places you've never seen before. However, you need to spend lots of money to enjoy the journey. Discount luxury cruise liner.

You will never forget this trip as a journey of luxury. You will be confident and enjoy your family to live in a boat more than a few years of experience in a unique way to spend your holidays.

Sea Cruises offers an experience different from the traditional one you took out earlier. This tour offers many special services a pleasant stay in the boat.

You will witness a beautiful sunset and the East is very romantic, with no horizon stories. This is a great opportunity to unwind, relax and spend time with family, listening to the tones of sea and feel the warm breeze.

Various tours of luxury vacation offers a special experience, you will be riding the cruiser Road Tour you in different places and in ports around the world.

You will be in contact with various scenarios for the supply Cruiser different areas who do not understand your interests. Take time to explore all the wonders of the world, to every gate on the road.
Luxury Cruises offers a wide range of services to match your tastes and preferences. Spend a day at the pool with family and friends, have a good look at the lives of whales, which crosses your path towards the next destination. There are a lot of fun on your cruise.

You can enjoy the party in the bars, eat delicious food and exquisite cuisine, enjoying impressive explore the various destinations can be reached by cruise.

People want to experience the pleasure brought luxury cruise operators in different destinations around the world. There are many luxury cruises available for you. They all have different services, of course, is to try to meet the needs of different customers.

To find the best luxury car, you can try to use the Internet for more information. Internet will feed with directions, services and packages, so you have the opportunity where you can choose your dream luxury cruise.

Hotel Reservation System: the perfect software Property Management-hotel

Hotel Reservation System: the perfect software Property Management-hotel
Hotel and Property Management has never been an easy task for any manager or individual. There are many things to keep it simple to follow and many ways of looking. For the hotel industry, for example, managers should monitor the maintenance of the room and able to control the daily operations of hotels, and exits and entrances for visitors and reservations.

Hotel management must be to a simple question for most business issues such as ensuring that all visitors including, but not the best performance, may be involved. If you really imagine the scenario for the management of 'hotel, we begin to ask for help.
Therefore, there is software designed specifically for them, to help cover this. This new program is called asset-management software that enables any hotelier, visit its duties without prejudice to other tasks.

As a software asset management can be a lot of work for every manager who can do the hotel, so you only work limited to the hotel. This software is only as a tool for the recording function, assessment and booking reservations for each guest.

To the full extent of the environment or the use of Software Asset Management is one of the daily operations can be done to check all details of the 'hotel, and other tasks. These tasks can be controlled most of the software.

Software Asset Management provides the functionality that you record the data simply and get with the touch of a button to activate. This software is much more reliable than a scribble to the old way of notes on a sheet of paper. As we know from the information contained in the document much more difficult to achieve for the future, and there is great risk of losing them.

Another advantage of booking the hotel, are easy to use. This software has user-friendly interface makes it easy to enter and share data, even if you do not have much experience on the computer.

For any confusion and stress, or part of the hotel manager, the wisest thing is to be avoided, the asset management software for the best booking system. In this way, you can all the things that have happened in your head, as the hotel manager.

The long wait beside the Hotel Le Bristol Paris-hotel

The long wait beside the Hotel Le Bristol Paris-hotel
Bristol is one of the best five-star hotels in Paris, luxury for its refined elegance and tranquility. In 2008 she was voted "Best Hotel Bristol in the world" (Institutional Investor Magazine), "Best Hotel" (World Travel Hotel) and "world of luxury most romantic in Europe" (World Luxury Hotel Awards).

Even after all these accolades, the hotel was not just rest on our laurels. In September last year, a new wing of 35,000 square feet on seven floors. Osman-inspired building with elements of iron has been preserved and restored, with 21 rooms and five suites overlook the eyes of flies from Paris to take Tony shopping street Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and the Avenue Matignon.

Comfort, wellness and harmony Maja Oetker, wife, boss Rudolf Oetker, had in mind when he designed a new wing. Room 400 square meters, with high ceilings and comfortable beds, measuring about 20 meters. Pink marble bathroom in Portuguese style.

Cream-à-terre in Paris bird in a suite with two bedrooms, living room, dining room, as well as an authentic hammam. Large balconies surround the suites in the shade of yellow, cyan and red, and another small terrace overlooking a quiet courtyard.

Looking for something from the well-known lawyer and three Michelin restaurant, the hotel is a kind young chef Eric Desbordes, to create a menu, the restaurant has a relaxed style. Faubourg 114 Packed with health-conscious and went into the kitchen for a world of a wider phenomenon, not just the transfer of key trends in the menu is a selection of three dishes, fish and five seasonal selection of birds are grilled, steamed or grilled. The selection of wines by sommelier Mark Pelletier and wines of the world of traditional politics chic restaurants dedicated to serving only French wines. Interior light colored backgrounds Sexy low dahlias backlit against the walls warm orange.

No luxury hotel, without being a spa and be pampered Anne Semonin Spa flagship and, to a whole new level. Massage and beauty treatments are all custom procedures, from a detailed analysis of customer needs. Celebrities Bastien Gonzalez Pedicure Your feet will look and feel like a star. Quiet, relaxing treatment rooms are equipped with Juneda the rough stone, redwood, cashmere blankets and pillows. Anne Semonin offers a wide range of cosmetics, including rejuvenating body scrub black, white sand, sand, salt, black of French Polynesia. If someone else to rub on your lovely spot you want and where the resort is ninety minutes a black sand-body exfoliation ritual.

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Your Guide to Ibiza Resorts and Hotels

dalt_vila_ibiza-travelIbiza is the ultimate destination for tourists looking for island vacation with exquisite Mediterranean sea scenery, sun, hip clubs and bars on the beach. Away from the clubs and crowded beaches, Ibiza also offers quiet beaches and woods on its northeastern part of the Island for family travel.
Ibiza offers accommodation to cater every budget from basic hostel-style to luxurious 5-star hotels and from shared room only to apartment-type accommodation. There are over 300 hotel options on Ibiza you can choose for your ultimate travel experience in Ibiza. Here are some selected Ibiza resorts and hotels:
Gran Hotel Ibiza (5-star hotel)
Grand Hotel Ibiza is located close to popular beaches and the Ibiza city center, where numerous famous Ibiza nightclubs located. The hotel is about 3 miles to the Ibiza Airport, which is situated southwest of the city center.
The 157 suites at the Grand Hotel Ibiza include amenities such as televisions, minibar, private bath, and private terrace. Some rooms also include Jacuzzi for guests to enjoy. Hotel facilities include swimming pool, restaurants with International cuisine, spa offering health and beauty treatment and casino.
Aguas De Ibiza Hotel Ibiza ( 5-star hotel)
The Aguas De Ibiza Hotel is conveniently located in close proximity to beach and marina in Santa Eulalia Del Reo, while the Old Town of Ibiza is just nine miles away.
The Aguas De Ibiza Hotel Ibiza is designed with contemporary Mediterranean style with a spacious balcony for every guestroom. Each room is well equipped with en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, satellite television, Bang and Olufsen entertainment systems and complimentary bathrobes, slipper and toiletries.
The hotel comprises 4 floors accommodating 112 rooms in 3 types including doubles, junior suites and suites. The Aguas De Ibiza Hotel Ibiza offers facilities including restaurant and bar, a café, and a hair salon, 6 conference rooms for business guests, room and laundry services, swimming pools, Internet access and a concierge service.
Invisa Hotel La Cala Ibiza ( 4-star hotel)
The Invisa Hotel La Cal Ibiza is strategically situated in the tourist center with Pleasance Harbor is 50 meters away, as is Marina Promenade. Guests can enjoy various ranges of water sports in the nearest beach and playing golf in the area nearby.
The 180 guest rooms of the Invisa Hotel La Cala Ibiza, with their simple, bright décor, are equipped with air conditioning and private bathrooms with hair dryers, safe, telephone, television, minibar and a terrace or balcony.
Guests can enjoy hotel facilities including a large outdoor pool with a pool bar on the sun deck, an onsite restaurant which serves a complimentary breakfast is daily, Internet access in public areas, a fitness room and spa.
Club Hotel Portinatx Ibiza (3-star hotel)
The Club Hotel Portinatx Ibiza is located in Portinatx Bay, approximately 30 minutes outside Ibiza Town, the island’s capital. Away from the city center, the surrounding area of the Hotel is tranquil, with numerous shops, restaurants and water sports.
Each room of the Club Hotel Portinatx Ibiza offers air conditioning, Internet connectivity, a television, a safe and a private bath with both a shower and a tub.
This hotel features swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar for the use of its guests. There are also amenities at the Club Hotel Portinatx Ibiza which are more practical, including a bicycle hire service and entertainment programs for children.
El Hotel Pacha Ibiza
The famed El Hotel Pacha  is a luxurious boutique Ibiza hotel with 57 rooms. It has a clean contemporary and modern design, with white as the dominant color and simple lines. Situated near the major nightlife hubs, the hotel offers easy access to the famous clubs and other destinations that define Ibiza. The marina is about 30 yards from the Hotel.
The El Hotel Pacha Ibiza outfits each room with satellite television service and Internet connections. There are balconies in every room. The El Hotel Pacha Ibiza offers a restaurant, which serves international cuisine, a bar and swimming pool with pool bar.
Hostal Talamanca Ibiza
Hostal Talamanca Ibiza is situated right by the beach in the quieter area of Ibiza. There are two marinas located nearby, Botafoch and Nueva and numerous waters sports to be enjoyed in nearby location. The Hostal Talamanca Ibiza is within walking distance to the nightlife center of Ibiza Town.
Almost all of its 46 rooms have balconies overlooking the blue ocean. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, telephone and safe box and standard private bath.
The hotel also has a snack bar where you can quietly sip your drink while enjoying the great view and atmosphere. You can choose to take part of the exotic nightlife as you stroll down the beach.
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Luxury Hotels In Dubai

As the faster growing city in the world, Dubai has became to be the most popular destination in the Middle East. It s unique features attracts millions travelers around the world every year for the last few years. Now where else can you find such stark contrast in one city, from the tranquil desert, buzzling markets, unparalleled luxury hotels and resorts, remarkable landmarks with mega structure, the excitement of water park, and even an indoor ski slope.
Dubai’s Landmarks
burj_al_arab_hotel__dubaiDubai’s major hotels developed by Jumeirah (, an award-winning hotel group, are among remarkable landmarks in Dubai. These landmarks include the followings:
  • Burj Al Arab, shaped like an Arabian dhow sail looming over coastline, is one of the most luxurious hotel in the world.
  • Jumeirah Emirates Towers, a high tech and high luxe hotels that has dedicated hotel floors exclusively for women in part of its hotel floors.
  • Madinat Jumeirah, a stylish self-contained resort on a private beach, consists of two boutique hotels, summer houses, advanced spa, shops and other facilities.
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel, built in the shape of massive breaking wave, offers diversion for every age. Beside enjoying cozy rooms and villas, guests will enjoy Club Eight, diving adventures with certified divers and free access to Wild Wadi Water Park.
  • Jumeirah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort And Spa Dubai, a destination hotel within a desert setting, provides visitors with every imaginable activity possible. This includes incredibly unique dining in a wide array of settings, full spa services, camel rides, an authentic “souk”, a water park, Arabian horseback riding, a fitness center, henna treatments and painting, swimming in an array of pools, a kid’s club, dancing classes and much more.
  • Jumeirah Living World Trade Centre Residence is the epitome of refined living, a luxurious inner city home designed for those accustomed to the finest things in life. Located at Dubai’s most prestigious and well-located address, the World Trade Centre Residence houses a mix of one-two-three and four bedroom residences spreading over 40 floors and two iconic glass towers.
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How to Get Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

las-vegasAs this city of neon lights, over-the top entertainment and non-stop thrills make Las Vegas one of the top holiday destinations in the world. The hotels in Vegas rival the top establishments in the world, offering the most amazing variety around. Yes, the city no doubt has some of the most gorgeous, top 5 largest hotels and ultra-luxurious suites and rooms in the world, but if you’re on a budget, Las Vegas is equally accommodating. In fact, what many don’t realize is that Las Vegas has some of the best rooms around at the lowest prices imaginable- and the hotels are all vying for your business badly.
So next time you are in this City of Pleasures and are on a tight budget, think twice about booking the lousy motel on the outskirts of time and check out our tips on how to get cheap hotels in Las Vegas and super savers tips below:
  • Timing is everything. Avoid busiest times of the year: holidays, spring and summer vacations, and large vacations.
  • If you can, before you decide on a hotel, ask about pricing on “extras”: extra beds, cribs, rollaways and extra occupants and about any extra charges for local phone calls, cable TV, and Internet connections.
  • Compare all factors before making your final decision.
  • Ask your hotel for free funbooks, which often include two for one dinners and shows and discounted drinks.
  • Ask for everyone about discounts, special offers, freebies, comps. These are available at most Las Vegas hotels and casinos, but you need to ask for them.
  • Join the MGM Mirage Players Club and or “The One Club” to accrue credits for comped food, beverages and rooms.
  • Buy your own water and drinks at outside discount stores. Bring along a small ice cooler to keep your water and drinks cold and a hot pot to brew coffee or tea. This could save you $10 or more a day in refrigerator rental fees.
  • Use the free monorail system that goes between the hotels and casinos and the free public bus system. Ask for a schedule at your hotel or casino.
  • If you rent a car, ask your hotel and the casinos about free parking. Most hotels and casino’s offer free parking as a perk if you ask, because they want to give you a good reason to stay.
  • At last but not least, it is time to search for cheap Las Vegas hotel deals online. The best thing about Vegas is the options galore. No matter where you want it, right on the strip or perhaps a little out of the way, you will for sure be able to locate Las Vegas hotels cheap in the Internet. Have you checked out our hotel search engine for Las Vegas Hotels yet ? The best thing of our hotel search engine, you can compare offered rates of multiple travel sites (over 30 travel sites including, Travelocity,, RatesToGo etc.).
First of all, sort the cheapest hotel rates by sort by price the list as below picture.
The next step is selecting picking your hotel and then your desired dates to start compare rates.
For example, I picked Circus Circus Hotel Las Vegas that offered the lowest rate of $19 within 48 hours when I did this search. After you fill in the rates and availability boxes (check-in and check-out date) and click “Get Rates” button, the following page will appear:

So, you can compare rates offered by HotelClub,,, Travelocity, GTAhotels , etc in one page. If you click RoomTypes folder, you can compare more based on room type.
  • After all, the major factor in acquiring Las Vegas hotels cheap and other great lodgings is being early. If you’re on top of things, you should definitely be able to locate some fabulous deals and packages. For me, I basically get online and do a search for hotels in the destination area. This is a great way where you can then compare every website’s offers in one page only. In addition you can avoid getting duped. What’s more when you book ahead of time, you can also beat the rush and save some money.
At present, are you searching to find Las Vegas hotels cheap and at the same time struggling to save some cash? Well, it is time to hop into cyberspace and let your fingers do the walking. Get rid of those cheesy brochures that only provide half the information. You will find Las Vegas hotels cheap if you use our hotel search engine. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes of your time.
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Tips And Benefits of Staying in Luxury Hotels

Whether you travel for business or leisure if you have unlimited budget, there is always a luxury hotel awaiting you. One of the benefits of staying in a luxury hotel is that, even if you choose a rustic vacation setting, you can return at day’s end to comfort and pampering that makes a vacation truly enjoyable. Whether you’re hitting the mountains for hiking or skiing, heading to the ocean beach, or visiting a foreign country, luxury hotels abound.
luxury-hotelsWhy stay at a luxury hotel? It’s great to be pampered. Four and five star hotels offer a level of service and hospitality that can’t be found in other establishments. You are guaranteed a beautiful setting, and the additional services offered in a luxury hotel are often enough that you don’t even need to leave the hotel to enjoy a fabulous vacation.
Many luxury hotels are perfectly situated in areas of high interest for the vacation traveler. When seeking a hotel for vacation purposes (rather than business, for example), determine the location and nearby attractions. Many hotels offer an array of accommodations, such as those included in resort settings or combined with a city’s downtown entertainment.
When traveling with children, it’s important to determine ahead of time a hotel’s policy for young travelers. Some do not allow children under a certain age, while some luxury hotels cater to families. Many offer childcare and children’s clubs, so the parents can get a few hours away while the kids enjoy learning something new such as archery or rock climbing.
For those seeking a vacation experience, it is also wise to find out if there are any conventions or other large events taking place while you are there. Hotels located in areas where multiple activities take place (such as in a city as opposed to a resort) are more likely to be busy, so find out ahead of time. This won’t guarantee that something will not be booked, but you can lower your chances of booking your stay during a large event. Also, find out if any large tour groups are scheduled for the same time.
Traveling during the off-season is a great way to minimize crowds and maximize your experience. Rates are lower during this time as well, and many hotels offer package deals. These may include multiple nights or combining local activities with your stay. Be sure to inquire about any promotional offerings when you book your stay. Determine whether the hotel chain offers any promotional memberships or price matching guarantees. If you travel frequently, this can be a money-saving option. Your frequent flyer program may also have specials with certain hotels. Also, find out if any organizations to which you belong have any programs that include travel.
When planning your vacation, do some research yourself before seeking the assistance of a travel agent. Many people prefer to book their own travels, and this is fine, as long as you use a reputable source. For those who travel often, this is a good way to go, and many deals can be found online that are not available elsewhere. When traveling to a new destination, however, it may be wise to use the help of an agent when booking the trip.
Staying in a luxury hotel is a luxury that you’ll definitely appreciate. Enjoy your vacation and sleep well.
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Recommended Hotels in Paraguay

Located in Central South America nestled between Argentina and Brazil, Paraguay was originally the home of the Guarani Indians, then settled by the Spaniards in the 1500’s. Today, Paraguay population is about 5 million people are of mostly combined Indians and Spanish descent. The official language in Paraguay is Spanish, but Guarani is widely spoken too.
Whether you are visiting for a short time, or an extended period, there are many options to stay in Paraguay for every budget offering a wide array of services. The sub-tropic climate of South America makes visiting anytime possible and a pleasure.
Asuncion is the most popular city to visit in Paraguay. There are hotels in other Paraguay cities, but they aren’t as large or as many as Asuncion. We recommended 4 popular hotels in Asuncion city, Paraguay as listed below.
Sheraton Hotel, Asuncion, Paraguay (5-star hotel)
Address: Aviadores Del Chaco 2066, Asuncion, Paraguay
Located in a privileged residential neighborhood and near the growing business and financial district, the hotel is within walking distance of a major shopping center and near the unique Museum of Ethical Arts. Silvio Pettirossi International Airport are just 10 minutes away by car. The beautiful Iguazu Falls are a short 45-minute flight from Asuncion.
This five star hotel has its own restaurant & bar and extensive meeting facilities and services make work a pleasure for business travelers. Enjoy your relaxing time in fully equipped health and spa club and enjoy a wide range of services which include rejuvenating facial, body, and massage treatments, Turkish and dry saunas, and a beauty salon. Other facilities include a gym, an outdoor swimming pool.
The hotel offers 100 decorated guest rooms and spacious suites, each with a Sheraton Sweet Sleeper(SM) Bed. Every room is also equipped with phone line, internet connection, cable TV and phone services to keep you stay connected while abroad.
Hotel Resort Casino Yacht and Golf Club, Asuncion, Paraguay (5-star hotel)
Address: Avenida Del Yacht N 11 Lambare, Asuncion, Paraguay
Luxury accommodations at the Resort Yacht y Golf Club Paraguay is the ideal choice for your next unforgettable getaway. The Hotel conveniently located close to the city and the airport. Situated on the river, the hotel offers many outdoor activities, including kayaking, tennis, golf, fishing, squash, basketball, volleyball and kid’s activities. There is an onsite spa offering beauty treatments, massages, body treatments and relaxation techniques for ladies.
Guarani Esplendor Hotel, Asuncion (5-star hotel)
Address: Calle Oliva Esquina Con Calle Independencia Nacional, Asuncion, Paraguay
Guaraní Esplendor Hotel is located within easy reach of most tourist attractions and business addresses in Asuncion. The Guaraní Esplendor offers a convenient location with modern amenities in every guestroom and superb service. Guests can experience the high standards of comfort while staying at this luxury Asuncion hotel with everything they need right on the site such as bar, laundry service, restaurant, safety deposit boxes, and beauty salon. There are gym/fitness facilities, sauna, and outdoor pool facilities to provide extra pleasure and relaxation for all guests.
Internacional Hotel Asuncion (4-star hotel)
Address : Ayolas 520, Asuncion, Paraguay
Internacional Hotel Asuncion is strategically located in commercial and financial center with major government buildings and museums around. Situated within two to three blocks of the Port of Asuncion and also close to historic cathedrals, shopping malls, museums and cultural attractions, the hotel has an ideal location for leisure and business travelers to Paraguay. The hotel facilities offered include conference rooms, roof garden, swimming pool, solarium, sauna, gym.
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Best Beach Hotels in US – Myrtle Beach Hotels (Part 1)

myrtle_beach hotelsBeaches are always the center of attraction in all parts of the globe. Who wouldn’t like to stretch luxuriously on the sand and let the sun do its work in giving you a wonderful tan? Beach towns and seaside villages are major tourist centers in the USA as well, attracting thousands of visitors every year to places like Miami Beach, Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach, etc. As the hospitality industry is booming in these places; there are hotels and lodgings catering to people from all classes of society. High competition and constant new entrants into the field have worked out to the advantage of visitors in these beach towns and cities. Hotels try to outdo each other in providing many amenities in a bid to satisfy the needs of all kinds of people from anywhere in the world.
This best US beach hotels article series aim to give you relevant information on some of the best beach hotels in six major beach destinations in the United States. Taking into consideration the amenities, comforts and unique features provided by the hotels and resorts in areas like Myrtle Beach, Laguna Beach, Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach, Fort Myers Beach and Miami Beach.

Myrtle Beach Hotels

Offering the great ocean views, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is one of the most beautiful places to vacation, a nice place for a relaxing vacation or a family fun vacation. Myrtle Beach attracts many business travelers as well as vacationers from all over the country.
We pick 3 selected beach hotels in Myrtle Beach below for your recommendation.
Embassy Suites Oceanfront Myrtle Beach (4-star hotel)
Address: 9800 Queensway Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The Embassy Suites Oceanfront Myrtle Beach lies on the the north of the Golden Mile, one of the most visited hotels in Myrtle Beach. The hotel has easy access to the Pavilion Amusement Park, Broadway at the Beach, the Hard Rock Theme Park, the convention center, and hundreds of local shopping, entertainment, business, and dining ventures.
The Embassy Suites Oceanfront Myrtle Beach offers single occupancy rooms and multi-room suites. All rooms are equipped with wireless Internet access, coffeemakers, ocean views, private balconies, room service, kitchenettes, and bathrooms.
Designed with contemporary and lavish style, the Embassy Suites Oceanfront Myrtle Beach offers enormous amenities which include two oceanfront restaurants, an ocean-side bar, meeting facilities, a fitness center, multiple pools, and 24 hour concierge and room service. Pets are not allowed in this hotel.
Hilton Resort Myrtle Beach (4-star hotel)
Address: 10000 Beach Club Drive, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Hilton Resort Myrtle Beach is situated directly on the beach and steeped in the midst of many amusement and entertainment venues, on the north end of Myrtle Beach. Business travelers will enjoy close proximity to the convention center, while vacationing guests take part in nearby attractions such as Broadway at the Beach, the Pavilion Amusement Park, Ripley’s Sea Aquarium, and Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede.
Guest rooms at the Hilton Resort Myrtle Beach have private ocean view balconies and verandas. Wireless Internet is available throughout the hotel, and each room is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave. The resort facilities include two swimming pools plus children’s water facilities, an onsite restaurant, a pool side bar, fitness center, business and conference rooms, and golf course.
Ocean Reef Resort Myrtle Beach (3-star hotel)
Address: 7100 North Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Situated on the middle of all the excitement and relaxation of the Golden Mile, The Ocean Reef Resort Myrtle Beach, hotel guests enjoy easy access to the nearby attractions such as Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, Broadway at the Beach, and the Hard Rock Theme Park and to the downtown business district.
The Ocean Reef Resort Myrtle Beach offers considerable space and top of room amenities including private balconies, room service, wireless Internet service, and flat screen televisions. A virtual attraction in and of itself, the Ocean Reef Resort Myrtle Beach boasts hotel facilities and awesome beach access to visitors such as a large lazy river, multiple adult and children’s water pools and whirlpools, an ocean side lounge and restaurant, meeting rooms, fitness center, and 24 hour front desk service being a few.
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Laguna Beach Hotels – Best Beach Hotels in US (Part 2)

laguna-beach hotelsLaguna Beach is seaside destination in southern Orange County, California, known as the most gorgeous and pristine beaches in southern California. With its location near to the movie town – Hollywood, made this white sandy beach has been used as the scene of several movies and TV shows. The Laguna Beach is also famous for its beach resorts and hotels, restaurants, unique shops, art galleries and cultural events. Laguna Beach is perfect as a year-round getaway.

Laguna Beach Hotels

We pick 3 selected beach hotels in Laguna Beach, California below for your recommendation.
Montage Resort Laguna Beach (5-star hotel)
Address: 30801 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California
Montage Resort Laguna Beach
Nestled on the dramatic cliffs of Laguna Beach, Montage Resort Laguna Beach is an intimate seaside retreat that reflects the culture and heritage of a beachside community with comfortable elegance influences decor. Each luxurious guest room offers spectacular ocean views. Montage Laguna Beach is located on four white sand beaches dramatically secluded by rocky cliffs, offering grand Pacific views.

Best Western Laguna Brisas Hotel Laguna Beach (3-star hotel)
Address: 1600 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, California
Whether you look for a romantic getaway to a family vacation to a business trip, the Best Western Laguna Brisas Spa Hotel is your perfect choice. You can enjoy your relaxing moment at the Best Western Laguna Brisas Spa hotel with its alluring tranquility of the infinite Pacific.
Each fully air-conditioned and newly remodeled room features large, oversized whirlpool spas for two, beautifully appointed new furnishings and a new 32″ flat screen LCD TV, refrigerator, coffeemaker, iron board, hair dryer, high-speed internet access and local and toll free calls.
Meeting room space is also available as well as a rooftop Terrace and observation deck for social or business gatherings offering panoramic views of the coastline, Catalina Island and the breathtaking sunset view. For the sun worshiper, the quiet and serene courtyard area features an outdoor heated swimming pool and spa.
Pacific Edge Hotel Laguna Beach (3-star hotel)
Address: 647 South Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, California
Pacific Edge Hotels - Laguna BeachPacific Edge Hotel is centrally located, and is fully encompassed within the famed downtown Laguna Beach area. Pacific Edge Hotel is situated right on the ocean, on the California’s most gorgeous and pristine beaches of pure surf and white sand.
Forty-nine (49) of Pacific Edge’s 130 units are oceanfront, and many of the others are suites with kitchens. Pacific Edge also offers Executive Suites catering to the needs of business executives, which include spacious boardrooms with seating for up to twelve guests.
Pacific Edge Hotel’s relaxing amenities include two heated swimming pools, a hot tub, and a game room. The Hotel is also immediately adjacent to a fantastic oceanfront restaurant, the Beach House, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cocktails. High-speed Internet WiFi connectivity is available throughout the hotel, and guests can even stay connected while lounging on the beach.

Daytona Beach Hotels – Best Beach Hotels in US (Part 3)

daytona beach hotelsDaytona Beach, a seaside city in Florida, USA, is known as a beach with the hard packed sand where a vehicle can be driven on the beach. There are various events in Daytona Beach that attracts visitors from all over the world visit Daytona Beach throughout the year such as Daytona 500 NASCAR, Coke Zero 400, Daytona Beach Bike Week, Biketoberfest, Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, etc.

Daytona Beach Hotels

As a year-round family-friendly resort area, Daytona Beach has a wide range of hotel selection for every budget. We pick 3 selected beach hotels in Daytona Beach, Florida below for your recommendation.
Hilton Hotel Ocean Walk Village Daytona Beach (4-star hotel)
Address: 100 North Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida
The beautiful white sand and warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean are the backyard playground of the Hilton Hotel Ocean Walk Village Daytona Beach which is located in close proximity to the Shoreside Sports Complex, the Boardwalk, the IMAX Theater, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, the Volusia Mall and easy access to a fast commute to the commercial district and important buildings of the city.
Each of 744 rooms at the Hilton Hotel Ocean Walk Village Daytona Beach offers views of either the beach or the historic city, as well as room service and Internet access. The hotel facilities comprise swimming pools, a fitness center, multiple dining and lounging opportunities, a poolside bar, a gourmet deli, a splash pool and spa, 60,000 feet of office and meeting space, and live entertainment.
The Shores Resort Daytona Beach (4-star hotel)
Address: 2637 South Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida
The Shores Resort Daytona BeachThis Shores Resort Daytona Beach provides a wide variety of leisure options without having to leave this accommodation with the water sports and ocean adventures. The business and commercial districts of the city are within a few minutes by foot or by car from this oceanfront Resort. Attractions in the Daytona Beach area such as the Daytona International Speedway, the Volusia Mall, the Boardwalk and the Shoreside Sports Complex and the Coke Museum are all within close proximity.
There are luxury rooms and private cabanas available at the Shores Resort Daytona Beach, each affording views of the pool and the ocean. The Shores Resort Daytona Beach offers facilities at its tropical garden atrium in the lobby which includes multiple dining options, lounges, bars, a ballroom, meeting facilities, a fitness center, and many water and swimming features ocean side.
Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center (3-star hotel)
Address: 2700 North Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach, Florida
The Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center is situated within walking distance to the beach attraction in the area. The Daytona International Speedway is just six miles from the property, as are the Volusia Mall and the most famous Coke collection in the world. Business travelers will find that the commute to the neighboring financial and commercial districts is easy and quick.
Rooms with private balconies and ocean views are available at the Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center. The hotel offers valet laundry, limited room service, satellite television, and Internet access to all guests. The Daytona Beach Resort & Conference Center offers two on site dining options, a beauty and health salon, multiple swimming pools and water features, a poolside bar and lounge, and a fitness center.
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Panama City Beach Hotels – Best Beach Hotels in US (Part 4)

panama city beach hotelsPanama City is located on the Northwest Florida, on beautiful St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Panama City Beach is known as a popular tourist location year-round, offering a comfortable climate & friendly atmosphere. Panama city has been a popular beach destination for American students, especially during spring break time on March and April.

Panama City Beach Hotels, Florida

Panama City Beach has many accommodation options available and a wide range of hotels to fit every budget. We pick 3 selected beach hotels in Panama City Beach, Florida below for your recommendation.
La Quinta Inn & Suites Panama City Beach
Address: 7115 Coastal Palms Boulevard, Panama City Beach, Florida
The La Quinta Inn & Suites Panama City Beach – Pier Park is ideally located in the heart of Panama City Beach, and just two miles from the Pier Park entertainment and shopping center. Sports enthusiasts will be challenged on the world-class golf courses and fishing excursions.
The hotel offer exercise room,24-hour business center, meeting room for business travelers. Each guest room features free wireless internet access, microwave, refrigerator, premium cable channels, whirlpool tubs available in select rooms, coffeemakers, hairdryers, irons with ironing boards, dataport telephones, voicemail, and alarm clocks. Pets are welcome in this hotel.
Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Panama City Beach
Address: 11127 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, Florida
This award-winning Panama City Beach hotel boasts 340 gulf-front rooms, all with private balconies, lush, tropical gardens, two on-site restaurants, a new martini lounge, and a poolside tiki bar.
Whether you are looking for a family beach vacation or a romantic beach vacation the Holiday Inn Resort is dedicated to giving you the memorable beach experience. Your kids will love the hotel’s Aqualand – a kiddy pool, cascading waterfall pool, two hot tubs, new activities center, and game room. Moreover, the hotel caters to kids and families who crave adventure by providing seasonal, live entertainment, supervised kids’ activities, a free kids’ club, a nightly torch-lighting ceremony, water sports and more. The Holiday Inn Resort, Panama City Beach features a new SeaWatch Conference & Entertainment Center and a private walkway to the “Beach Lover’s Beach.”
Bay Point Marriott Golf Resort Panama City Beach
Address: 4200 Marriott Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida
Bay Point Marriott Goft ResortListed on the Conde Nast Traveler’s 2009 Gold List for US Resorts, this newly renovated resort in Panama City Beach, Florida is framed by palm trees and a 1,100 acre wildlife sanctuary. Guests will delight in the tropical atmosphere of this picturesque resort in Panama City Beach, boasting 316 luxurious guest rooms and 60 spacious Golf Villas.
Two championship golf courses call this lovely Panama City Beach resort home, including the esteemed Nicklaus-designed masterpiece. Serenity Spa and retreat Marriott’s exquisite Bay Point Resort offers a peaceful escape and tranquility .
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Fort Myers Beach Hotels – Best Beach Hotels in US (Part 5)

fort myers beach hotelsSituated on the Estero Island in Florida, Fort Myers Beach is one of the World’s Safest Beaches because of its shallow water. Fort Myers Beach is a popular destination for vacationers who enjoy beach walking and beautiful sunsets because of its long white sandy beaches along Gulf of Mexico without big waves.

Fort Myers Beach Hotels

Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa Fort Myers Beach
Address: 275 Estero Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, Florida
This For Meyers Beach hotel is ideally located within steps of the bay and gulf of Mexico and close to the bustling city destinations and the Harborside Convention Center is closer still. Points of interest along the Gulf of Mexico and the bay include Casino Dinner Cruises, Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Times Square, and the pier. Deep sea fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and snorkeling are all within steps of the lobby.
Each guestroom at the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa Fort Myers Beach offers wireless Internet access, private balconies, room service, satellite television, and valet laundry services. Guests can enjoy onsite bar at the Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa Fort Myers Beach, as well as three restaurants, three swimming pools, a marina and docks, and a butterfly garden.
Lovers Key Beach Club & Resort Fort Myers Beach
Address: 8771 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach, Florida
The Gulf of Mexico is within plain view to guests at the Lovers Key Beach Club & Resort Fort Myers Beach, while the Fort Meyers city center is less than fourteen miles from the resort. This centered and convenient location makes it very easy for the business travelers to commute to the important downtown business districts for the day, heading back for the evening to relax by the water.
Guestroom amenities include wireless Internet access, cable television, and telephone service. The Lovers Key Beach Club & Resort Fort Myers Beach offers a lagoon-style swimming pool, a waterfall spa tub, and a private beach.
Holiday Inn Fort Myers Beach
Address: 6890 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach, Florida
The Holiday Inn Fort Myers Beach is situated on the beachfront of Estero Island. There are many attractions, activities, and destinations in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel, including the Big M Casino Boat, and Times Square Entertainment Complex. Guests will enjoy a multitude of nightlife, entertainment, shopping, and dining opportunities all within one area.
The Holiday Inn Fort Myers Beach offers business services, private beach access, a fitness center, and an outdoor swimming pool. Each room at the Holiday Inn Fort Myers Beach offer beach view with amenities including wireless Internet access, satellite television, in room movies, refrigerator, and safe-deposit box.
Outrigger Beach Resort Fort Myers Beach
Address: 6200 Estero Boulevard, Fort Myers Beach, Florida
Outrigger Beach Resort Fort Myers BeachNestled on the beach of Estero Island offering views of the Gulf Mexico, the Outrigger Beach Resort Fort Myers Beach is just steps from the area’s most popular attractions, including manatee and dolphin watching, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and beach sports. There are also many golf courses and casinos in the immediate vicinity, while Casino Dinner Cruises is just a few miles down the beach.
Every room of the Outrigger Beach Resort Fort Myers Beach offers full range of amenities, including cable television, wireless Internet access, room service, valet laundry, and kitchenettes.
Facilities within the Resort comprise two restaurants onsite, a swimming pool, a large lounging deck, a Tiki Bar, ample business facilities, as well as scheduled recreational activities are offered for guests.
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Miami Beach Hotels – Best Beach Hotels in US (Part 6)

miami_south_beach hotelsEstablished in 1915, Miami Beach in Florida is a city known not only for the excitements that it offers as a seaside resort but also for its cultural and artistic heritage with its Art Deco Historic District.
The city’s South Beach is the most popular area which draws a lot of domestic and European tourists throughout the year. This part of the city is a major entertainment destination with hundreds of nightclubs, restaurants and oceanfront hotels.
Miami Beach is also very well known for its nightlife, fine dining culture, bike riding and shopping. While the once down-trodden Lincoln Road in the South Beach area is famous for the destination for quality food, adventure thrills and great shopping experiences. The city is also the world’s fashion shoot hub with many models living in the area and many more arriving during the October to March season.

Miami Beach Hotels, Florida

Biscayne Blvd - Miami BeachRitz Carlton Hotel Miami Beach
Address: 1 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida
Located right on the beach, Ritz Carlton Hotel provides guests with easy access to the most popular attraction in the South Beach, including a great deal of shopping and dining establishments.
Each room is air conditioned and non-smoking with a private bath. Room amenities include televisions minibars and safes. The Ritz Carlton Hotel Miami Beach offers its guests a golf course right on site and a fitness center, as well as personal trainers and a massage service available to guests. 
Marriott Hotel South Miami Beach
Address: 161 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida
The Marriott Hotel South Miami Beach lies in the heart of the trendiest part of the neighborhood. Guests will not only enjoy easy access to the best shopping, dining and entertainment from the front steps of the hotel, but they will also find the most well-known cultural, sports and historical attractions as well.
Each of the 236 guestrooms in the Marriott Hotel South Miami Beach is equipped with ocean or city views from the private furnished balconies, cable TV, high speed Internet, minibars and beverage stations, personal safes, direct dial phones with voice mail features and more.
The Marriott Hotel South Miami Beach offers all visitors a nice array of facilities that includes several signature restaurants specializing in various cuisines, an outdoor swimming pool with lounge, a modern fitness center, and conference rooms with business services.
Miami Beach Panorama

Eden Roc Resort Miami Beach
Address: 4525 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida
Eden Roc Resort is located right next to the beaches, while there is golfing within a short distance of the resort. There are numerous shopping and restaurants around South Beach area where guests may explore on foot.
Most of the 349 rooms at the Eden Roc Resort Miami Beach has balconies with ocean views. This hotel has over 40,000 square feet of meeting space available. The Eden Roc Resort Miami Beach also has its own restaurant and bar facilities. There are outdoor swimming pools available to guests, and spa services are also offered by this hotel.
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Timberline Ski Resort Oregon

Oregon is famous for the ski slopes found around the state and if you are planning a ski vacation you should definitely consider Timberline Lodge ski area, located near Mt. Hood in Oregon. There is quite a bit of history in the area, starting with the lodge that was built during the Great Depression by a master craftsman. The Timberline Lodge ski area are also has been a scene of movie The Shining where many of the ‘outside’ shots were taken.

The Lodge


Timberline Lodge is a mountain lodge on the south side of Mount Hood in Oregon, about 60 miles (97 km) east of Portland. Built in the late 1930s, the National Historic Landmark sits at an elevation of 5,960 feet (1,817 m), within the Mount Hood National Forest and is accessible through the Mount Hood Scenic Byway.[2] It is a popular tourist attraction, drawing more than a million visitors annually.
The lodge is entirely hand made, and well preserved. The hand woven draperies and the hand hewn beams add to the rustic charm and history of the place. The lodge sits in the middle of 1400 acres consisting of 35 trails.

Skiing at Timberline

timberline lodge ski resortOne of the most unique things about Timberline is that it is the one place in the United States that offers year-round snow skiing. The trails are perfect for beginners, intermediates and experts. The top elevation at Timberline Lodge is 8504 with a vertical drop of 2501. There are six chair lifts to accommodate skiers.
Palmer Snowfield is part of the Timberline Resort, and it is permanently covered with snow. Beginners are not always allowed on Palmer snowfield – the conditions are considered each day when making this determination.
Rental equipment is not available at Timberline. You must bring your own equipment. However, smaller items such as gloves and goggles can be purchased at the lodge, along with some clothing items. There is a snowboard and ski school on the premises, and private and group lessons are available.
Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, and lodge tours are the main attractions at Timberline. Here, it is all about the powder. Mt. Hood is an active volcano which is considered to be dormant. Occasionally, tremors are felt, and steam vents are often visible.
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Editor’s Pick: Maui Hotels & Resorts

maui hotels and resortsLooking for a paradise hotel for your honeymoon? Maui Hotels and Resorts are renowned for their high level of excellence and value in one of the world’s premier vacation destinations. From enormous deluxe rooms to championship golf courses, each hotel offers something out of the ordinary.
Here we have selected five quality, four to five star Maui hotels which are perfect places to create a heavenly vacation or unforgettable honeymoon.
Each fabulous hotel is highlighted below for its main service strengths and exquisite locations.
Fairmont Kea Lani Resort Wailea Makena
Address: 4100 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea Makena, Hawaii
Fairmont Kea Lani Resort Wailea - MauiFairmont Kea Lani Resort at Wailea Makena is the only luxury all-suite and villa oceanfront resort on Polo Beach with 22 acres of tropical landscaping and lagoon-style pools. This hotel was mentioned on the World’s Best Hotels List by Travel & Leisure Magazine.
Fairmont Kea Lani Resort is a top destination resort for honeymoon couples, and also boasts one, two and three bedroom oceanfront villas and good value sunny breakfast packages.
Each one-bedroom suites comprises a spacious living room, separate bedroom, and over-sized European-style marble bathroom. While one, two and three-bedroom oceanfront villas with full kitchens and private plunge pools connected by a 140-foot water slide and swim-up bar, plus an adult lap pool. Other resort facilities include 4 restaurants, Lobby Bar, Bakery & Deli, Spa Kea Lani, year-round children’s program, a hair and nail salon, fitness center, business center, and concierge.
The Fairmont Kea Lani is close to Wailea Golf Club’s three championship courses, 11 tennis courts at Wailea Tennis Club, and boutique shopping at Shops at Wailea.
Four Seasons Resort Maui Wailea Makena
Address: 3900 Wailea Alanui Wailea, Maui, Wailea Makena, Hawaii
Four Seasons Resort Maui is also one of the top resorts in Hawaii. It is located on Maui’s southwestern shore at Wailea Makena. The Four Seasons Resort is exceptionally grand in concept, but gracefully executed, with great attention made to its unique ocean-front setting.
Four Seasons Resort Maui is an enchanted enclave of pools, terraces and exotic gardens nestled against Wailea most magnificent gardens. The U-shaped design of the building ensures dramatic and dazzling views of beautiful white sand beaches.
The Four Seasons offers an endless choice of activities, with pleasure trips performed on their own sixty foot catamaran to Haleakala National park. Helicopter rides, shopping, whale watching, and horseback riding are just a few of the activities not to be missed.
The Wailea Golf Club, whose championship Gold, Emerald and Old Blue courses, is actually directly across the street from the resort, which make Wailea an absolute golfer’s paradise. The Wailea Tennis Club’s eleven-court complex with three lit for night-time play is nearby.
Grand Wailea Resort
Address: 3850 Wailea Alanui Drive, Wailea Makena, Hawaii
The Grand Wailea Resort is one of Maui’s finest resort, which also offers something for everyone. It has an unparalleled pool system, the 2,000-foot long Wailea Canyon Activity Pool.
The hotel complex includes the Napua Tower and five independent guest room wings, all offering a very high level of quality accommodation. Guest rooms are extremely spacious with a top of the range room size of 5,500 square feet for the Grand Suite.
All over sized rooms come with either a king or two double beds. The room amenities include a private patio, separate bath and shower area, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, very large color TV with cable, in-room movies, three direct-dial telephones, in-room mini-bar, complimentary safe and coffee-maker.
It also has the largest spa in Hawaii, and has been rated as is one of the Top Ten American Spas by Conde Nast Traveller Magazine.
Sheraton Resort & Spa Maui Lahaina
Address: 2605 Kaanapali Parkway, Lahaina, Hawaii
Sheraton MauiThe Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa is synonymous with quality accommodation. This luxurious resort is set at the foot of the legendary Black Rock, overlooking the pristine Kaanapali Beach and features breath-taking views of the islands of Molokai and Lanai.
The moment you arrive at Sheraton Maui, the elevated grand entrance presents you with the majestic Pu’u Keka’a rising above a panorama of the blue Pacific and neighboring islands crowned in clouds.
Amongst the 23 acres of lush tropical surrounds, an immense oceanfront swimming lagoon meanders at great length, with lava-rock waterways, enchanting bridges, and a mind relaxing open-air spa.
Most of the rooms have ocean views, each with its own private balcony, which makes for a truly outstanding position. Its cliff side location also boasts to have one of best areas in Maui’s for snorkeling.
The Ka’anapali Resort area appeals to all ages with shopping and dining at Whaler’s Village, 36 holes of championship golf at Ka’anapali Golf Courses, Ka’anapali Sugar Cane Train, and some of the most romantic sunsets in the Pacific on Ka’anapali Beach.
Westin Maui Resort & Spa Lahaina
Address: 2365 Kaanapali Parkway, Lahaina, Hawaii
Westin Maui Resort & Spa is many traveller’s favorite hotel, famed for its guest room bedding and fabulously large pool, area and waterslide. Located on Ka’anapali Beach, one of the world’s most romantic stretches of sand, this spectacular four-diamond resort inspires you to indulge in all that Maui has to offer.
Westin maui
Each spacious guest room features a private terrace or ‘lanai’, coffee maker, private bar and a host of other useful amenities. All rooms fresh, modern décor and feature the trademarked “Heavenly Beds.”
Recently a $5 million dollar expansion of this Resort and Spa has created a new spa, which is expected to be the prototype for all future Westin spas around the world.
Romance, snorkeling, scuba diving, five waterfalls, championship golf and tennis, casual and a la carte dining, the only limit is your appetite for adventure. This resort has it all.

There are many activities to do for all guests, from the action packed Westin Kids Club, to shopping, sports and a breathtaking sunset with oceanfront dining at Ka’anapali’s premier restaurant, Tropica. With its six restaurants and lounges plus exciting evening nightlife, there’s plenty to keep anyone occupied.
There are priceless art treasures to be discovered in the resort and beautifully maintained grounds to enjoy.
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Budget Travel Tips : Package Vacations or Independent Travel?

budget-travel-tipsOne of the important questions to be answered when you have to travel on a budget, is whether it is best to plan each part of your trip independently, making separate airfare and hotel reservations, or to opt for a package deal where everything is included for one price.
Unfortunately, there isn’t one best answer to this dilemma, because it depends on where you want to go, and what deals are available at the time. For example, traveling to many to European cities is often less costly to arrange yourself, especially in the off-season, when airlines are running specials on flights to Europe.
In the contrary, if you want to travel to an exotic place, like South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, or Asia, it is often less expensive and easier when arrange by a package company or travel agent. This is due in part to travel agencies having special deals with the national airlines and resorts of these countries, and they are able to provide substantial discounts in exchange for a steady flow of business.
For instance, a solo trip to Egypt from New York could cost you a grand total of $1,100, including airfare, an excellent hotel, daily breakfast, airport transfers, and daily sightseeing tours, including guided tours of the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. This is a far better deal than arranging the trip on your own, since airfare alone would have cost over $700. The secret of this great deal was the relationship of the tour operator with Egypt air and the hotel at which you stayed.
There are similarly great deals for many Asian locations, particularly India, China and Taiwan. Make sure to research the availability of these types of vacation package deals when looking to travel abroad on a budget.
Solo travelers often have trouble getting the great deals on travel packages, since the required single increase can often make the deal not worth it. Don’t despair; there are great deals out there if package deals are too expensive or aren’t your thing, and it is often a better option, especially if you are traveling alone.
One important tip is to find out exactly what is and isn’t included in any package deal that you are considering. Most travel packages include optional excursions, which can add considerable expense, and blow your budget. Try to get a detailed daily schedule to make sure you won’t be on your own if you don’t buy into the options. It’s also a good idea to ask for a list of the optional outings available, including descriptions and costs, so that you can compare what the price would be to what you could arrange on your own.
If you are traveling alone, make sure you start planning ahead, especially when it comes to airfare arrangements. The important thing to remember is that there are only a certain number of first come, first serve seats the advertised low fares, and if you wait too long you won’t get the lower rate. It is important to reserve your airfare and your lodging as early as possible to make sure you get the best available prices.
In the end, the decision whether to choose a package deal or independent travel an individual decision based on the traveler’s situation. Make sure to carefully compare package prices with those for independently arranging travel to the same destination. And don’t forget to take your own personal travel style into account. Some people are more cut out for a packaged tour, particularly to an new destination, while others prefer the freedom from itineraries that independent travel offers.
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